"Inspire people and change the world"


Move for Inclusion follows Nick Foley as he completes a nationwide bike ride fundraiser promoting inclusion of all people regardless of their exceptionalities. Watch Nick’s physical and emotional journey unfold as he completes his journey towards a more inclusive Canada.


Our vision is to live in a world that moves passed tolerance and into the celebration of inclusivity and respect for all people, by raising awareness and creating sustainable global inclusive initiatives. For more information, click here.


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There is so much emotional depth and strength that comes through in the film, as we see Nick struggle with his own challenges, missing his family and his daughter Brynn, but not wanting to let anybody down, and determined to complete this thing. Nick exudes both confidence and vulnerability. He is enthusiastic, and remains focused on his mission, driven by the desire to perpetuate an environment of acceptance and inclusivity. He tells his story and spreads his positive message at various stops, speaking at a number of schools and organizations along the way. He has a gift of quickly drawing in every person in the room, and making a personal connection. He wants to help people. He hides nothing. Julie Brocklehurst - throughthetulips.ca



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